Bringing Back Reality

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I am on a very big mission to bring back reality. 


I have, after all, travelled to the edge of the Earth to experience my own. I’ve taken it as far out on the town as I could go. It’s been a blast of a ride, and I assure you, the Earth is not flat. The horizon spreads out to infinity and beyond. Life is an incredible thing.

The only uncomfortable discovery, to be honest, is that people are getting a little flat! Oooooh yes, this is one of those times. Drum roll please…


What’s that Marigold? 

Yeah. I said it! The Earth is wild, brilliant, and round, but we people, we are getting a little flat.


When you notice the conversations around you, and the ones you are engaged in yourself, what are they? Is it a co-Google Search for an answer? Are you fielding “customer service” stories? Instead of acknowledging the experience you have between you, are you recommending self-development techniques?

When you take responsibility for the results in your life, you can shape your future. You are in control. You own your reality.

What’s even better?

When you are the kind of woman – also kind in and of person, expression – you are shaping the reality around you. Your reality inspires others – not just to challenge the status quo around them, but to stretch out further into their own reality, the one they dream of experiencing.

It’s contagious, and you can guarantee people are watching you for how to get some of what you got.


This week, consider:

What reality am I participating in? 

Am I a cog in the groundhog day of regurgitated reality, the one we see on T.V., or am I a special feature?


Let’s go, Girls.

Let’s bring back reality.

Where is your head at, actually? 


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