This Week’s Topic – Bring Your Best Self

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Welcome Ladies!

We are having a new beginning of sorts… Let’s take this opportunity to jump on the wave of the “new beginnings” vibes.

What’s that Marigold?

Well, we have just spent the last two weeks talking about our intuition — acknowledging it, encouraging it in ourselves and each other, normalising it, and recognising it as the powerful decision-making tool that it is. Let’s start a new chapter—something like that!—where this community project embeds this into our group culture. It’s not crazy. It’s not weird. It’s not dangerous. It’s not flakey. It’s not even paranormal.

It’s a big part of your best self!

Whether you call it intuition or something else, imagine it as a new beginning and it is. We can take any moment in our lives to put our best foot forward, but together, as a community, we are many feet. We are the average of the many feet who cross the finish line perhaps?! Indeed, you are. Let’s take this incredible opportunity to support our best selves in each other.

“When you be your best self, I am granted permission to be my best self also”. If that’s not a proverb already, it is now!

This brilliant energy exchanged is a powerful tool that instantly leverages your success, satisfaction, and enjoyment in life. And it is the precise intention in which this community was founded.

This week, take the opportunity as often as possible to be your best self. Do it consciously. See how many places in your life you can use that energy, intention, and commitment to your own success to drive your practical actions and expressions.

As we already consistently do, lean into the community site as your external accountability, and also your positive reflection. Let us be your personal loving mirror.

Share one specific thing. Share that moment you chose to show up as your best self. Share also the immediate result. Your experiences will, in turn, open the door to new ideas for each community member in her own life. This is how we come together to grow the positive neural pathways we consciously command. This is positive collective consciousness. Culture.

Speak clearly. Dress well. Signal your turns.

Be kind.

It’s easy to be your best. In fact, it feels awesome.

You know exactly where you’re going.


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