Bloom Baby Bloom

 In Mindfulness and Meditation, Weekly Forum Discussion

Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing

Use your Intuition. Trust your gut. Follow your heart.

There was a time when those phrases frustrated me. Where is the logic, the deductive reasoning that comes up with the right decision? Where is the work that goes into it?  Thankfully, Huna came into my life. I learned to unlearn and tune inwards as opposed to tune outwards for the answers. My teacher had asked me to consider times where I had made big decisions based on logic or intuition and how it had turned out. The ‘aha’ came from realizing that the logic decisions sometimes turned out okay. The intuition decisions always worked out.

The trick with intuition is that all ego has to be set aside. Intuition works with ease. It’s our egos that create the friction, that cause the resistance to following our little inside voice — our inner knowing. It’s the ego that feels the need to validate decisions with friends or popular media.

“A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.” – Zen Shin

This quote always inspires me to remember that my inner knowing is like the flower that understands its purpose is to bloom and holds that steadfast focus. I don’t need to look at what everyone else is doing or seek their validation. We aren’t on the same path. This is liberating.

So I am reminded this week to forge forward, follow my heart and of course to bloom. Where will following your intuition take you?

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