Barefoot Feeling

 In Mindfulness and Meditation

Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing


There is a tree in front of my house. It’s huge. I love it. It stands there strongly weathering all the storms and providing cool shade when the sun is unrelenting. I love it even more for it’s wisdom.

When I am feeling out of sorts I connect with the tree. I connect to its power which comes from embracing its duality. The tree is firmly rooted in the ground, strong, firmly in place. Its branches and leaves, however are free to sway in the breeze and reach out to touch the clouds and the heavens. No one tells the tree you are either of earth or heaven, the tree simply accepts this duality that it is both simultaneously. This is a perfect reminder for me to embrace my own duality. To accept and allow all parts of me are natural and part of the wholeness that I am.

My favourite thing to do is stand barefoot on the grass beneath this majestic tree and simply feel my feet planted on the ground. Feet flat on the ground, arms turned up to the sky, channeling the power of the tree and recharging. I swear sometimes I can feel the tree speaking to me. Once I am grounded again, it’s like the world becomes a bit simpler. It’s a great motivator to keep on doing it.

Need to get back grounded? Join in this week’s meditation to do just that. And keep coming back to it anytime you need. Just you, your barefeet and the ground.






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