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Written by: Collette Cottingham; Creatively Hip


I have a habit of overbooking myself. Apparently, I think my future self has lots of energy and can do anything. I must see my future self as some kind of superhero. I admit I have purposely double booked myself a few times. It is difficult to say “no” when there is something I really want to do.

When I am in the present trying to finish up one thing and then head to another I find the same thoughts entering my mind, “What was my past self thinking?”

I can’t remember ever failing or letting others down. A few times when I double booked myself I remember leaving with an unsettling feeling. I wasn’t my best self. I knew I could do better. I promised myself no more double booking.

I have held true to my word, for me and for the project I am committed to. I want to do things as my best self.

I am a very organized person. I have graphs and charts stuck in my brain. In the olden days, my life was written on paper. I had a journal for random thoughts and one for my day. I told my children to write their schedule on the calendar—I didn’t want to miss anything. If it wasn’t on the calendar then I didn’t know about it. I am grateful I only missed one thing, and it was because it wasn’t written on the calendar.

Today my life is in my phone. Well, except my journal. My journal is too personal to me. I keep that out of the electronic world.

I am a woman of routine. My routine keeps me organized. These rituals keep me on time, take the pressure off, keep me on task and make me feel good about myself.

I used to feel overwhelmed and exhausted all the time. There was something big missing from my schedule. I forgot to schedule time for me.

Three years ago I changed my life and my schedule. I scheduled time for me. What an amazing thing to see when I look at my schedule. My “me time” is beautiful and a perfect way to restore my energy. I need this balance to truly be my best self.

I get more accomplished. I am refreshed and relaxed. I am full of joy and happiness. I love my routine. I have finally found the perfect balance for me. I like checking things off my list. What a feeling. My routine gives me a balanced life.

Not all days are perfect, I learn from them and move forward. My mistakes are my best lessons. I see mistakes as a great teaching tool.

My schedule is set to provide for my mind, body and soul. This helps me to be my best self at work and home. Yes, I even schedule my meals—nutrition and exercise are a must for me. They are essential components of my “self-care.”

My dances are a mixture of routines. No wonder I love to dance so much. Another routine that brings balance and health to my life.

I even schedule self-care for stress. Stress is there. My self-care gives me the tools to deal with my stress and work through the pain.

I am so grateful for understanding the tools I need to be my best self.

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