April Showers Are a Hoot!

 In Mindfulness and Meditation, Weekly Forum Discussion

Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing


I love the saying April showers bring May flowers. It’s always been for me a symbol of transformation. Of patience. The rain that inconveniences us creates the flowers that inspire us. The idea gets me thinking. Right now, the entire globe is in its own April showers if you will. A state of waiting or wishing for those flowers. Life is happening RIGHT NOW. Rain or shine.

Huna teaches us “MANAWA: NOW is the moment of Power”.

So what can I do in this rainy season? Spread sunshine.

A few weekends ago, my hubby and I had to improvise. Instead of completely cancelling a weekend getaway because of travel restrictions, we decided to make our own home the destination-location of our dreams. We haven’t had an alone away time in years, so instead of wallowing, we created a staycation of memories to last a lifetime. We had an absolute blast – and so did our kids! It was truly a family weekend to remember.

The beauty of life, especially in these times, is that we get to choose our perspective, which in turn creates our results – in mind, in body, in life, and for the people who surround us. The ripple out of these “rainy days” spreads like sunshine, and creates our reality.

Let’s ask ourselves, will the rain keep us down or bring out our best creative selves? It’s not just a dream to live the life we’ve always imagined, it’s an opportunity.



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