In Writer in Residence

Written by: Collette Cottingham; Anontropolis


She rocks her halo, her smile radiates joy, compassion and love. The Angel emoji is my favorite emoji, because she best represents who I am.

I am a lady of light. I am full of happiness, love, and grace. I have an excellent listening ear and a body full of kind words.

I want you to feel all the happiness life can provide. I want you to feel the internal peace and calm that I do.

I soak up all life has to offer and scribble my light of passion onto the page. Creating my stories is a perfect way to release any built up feelings or emotions that appear. I am able to move forward with a full heart that shines through my halo.

No matter the storms life can send your way. You have all the things you need to survive the storm and thrive.

Let your halo shine. I am a bright light. You are a bright light. Our bright lights shine out into the world. Soon the world will be bright and beautiful filled with all the beautiful unique people of the universe. Let your light shine.



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