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Good enough. Sticky with perfectionism, this idea has had it’s way with me. In my mind, it used to be synonymous with slacker or not trying hard enough. Who defined that? I don’t know, but it sent me down a rabbit hole for a long time. And like many things along this journey I got to a point where I was ready to shift. I was ready to cut myself a break and let love in. And then, because I was ready, I began to notice new messages and see new influences shaping my perception of myself. The following three were the most mind and life changing influences that shaped my current version of good enough.

1. This video by Marisa Peers –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lw3NyUMLh7Y

This video changed the way I looked at the world, and at myself. My screen saver said, I am enough, my phone reminder displayed, I am enough, three times a day. And it sunk in. And I passed it on. I wrote it on our family blackboard in the kitchen, I left little love notes for my sons in their rooms. And they, too started showing more confidence. I shared this video with all the Facebook groups I was in, shared it with the office health and wellness feed. This came into my awareness just around the same time that Huna did. I know better now than to call it coincidence, it was serendipitous.

2. My Huna Teacher and mentor

Early in my healing career  I remember feeling that I couldn’t be at the same level as my teacher  when it came to healing. I worried about how I was pricing myself, fearing that I couldn’t be at the same rate as my teacher. It was somehow lying to public. I shared this story with my teacher and she said, “plain and simple, energy is energy, once you can feel it the universe works with you, there is no junior or senior, once you are in, you are in. The universe does not compare.” Mind shift! So, wow! I can definitely feel the energy, and my clients definitely feel something. I am really an energy healer. I am good enough.

3. The book “The 4 agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz.

The 4th agreement in this book is, Always do your best.  I’ve been hearing that all my life. The little perfectionist has a field day with this, except this message as the author writes it, is vastly different. He goes on to say that your best will change day to day. Which means even if yesterday I managed all the things on my to do list, if I get up today and am feeling run down, part of doing my best is doing my very best for what the moment, this situation, allows for. As long as the best in the now is what I am giving, then indeed, I am good enough.

I’ve been playing and evolving and growing with this idea and I have modified my approach a bit more. My phone reminder now tells me “I am f’n awesome” three times a day. And you know what, knowing that I give the best I can in every moment, I can say that yes I am! With all this in mind, I am challenging myself to:

  • Put myself out there to continue to grow my business. To have conversations and tell people all about energy healing.
  • Write in my notebook all those ideas to help get that book written.
  • Self-care with daily meditation and moving deeper into my yoga practice. This one makes me remember myself as good enough often when the desire to compare myself to the bendier classmates.
  • Share the message of good enough to help and empower all those that cross my path and raise the vibration of good in the world

I know life will continue to teach me and bring new understandings of what truly good enough means, and for now I am content to know that I am living my good enough version of myself. And, that’s pretty amazing.

Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing

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