The 7 Huna Principles

 In Mindfulness and Meditation

Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing


“The most fundamental idea in Huna philosophy is that we each create our own personal experience of reality, by our beliefs, interpretations, actions and reactions, thoughts and feelings.”
― Serge Kahili King, Mastering Your Hidden Self: A Guide to the Huna Way


It’s no secret. I love Huna. I love everything about what it stands for and what it teaches. Used as a way to heal your life. And for me, used also to guide those who want to heal their lives.

What’s Huna you ask? Huna is a way of life rooted in Hawaiian philosophy. The word Huna is Hawaiian for secret. It’s the secret of living an abundant life. By applying the 7 Huna principles you return to the truth of who you are, you return to your connection with source and you begin to live in flow with the universe.

The principles are the following:

  1. Ike: The world is what you think it is. Be aware
  2. Kala: There are no limits. Be free
  3. Makia: Where your attention goes, creation flows. Be focused
  4. Manawa: Now is the moment of power. Be present
  5. Aloha: To love is to be happy with. Be happy
  6. Mana: All power comes from within. Be confident
  7. Pono: Effectiveness is the measure of truth. Be expectant

To apply these principles to your everyday allows you to reconnect to your truth.  Immerse yourself in this week’s meditation to do just that. And get ready to start applying the concepts and watch your life start to transform.

Tune back in for the next 7 weeks for a deeper dive into each principle individually.





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