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I am staring at a blank page. I am ready for 2019.

I am an organized lady. My notebook is before me. I begin filling the blank pages. Dance, toning, and massage are scheduled. Healthy food is in the fridge. I already have the tools. The physical me is set. The mental me is still a mess.

Something you should know about me…I make mistakes. I know shocking! My problem is he pops into my head. I hear his words. I let them take over my thoughts. Why is it so hard to change my thoughts? Maybe, because he defined me for over twenty years, I believed everything he said. His words were gospel. This will be my challenge this year, shutting his voice out of my head. Everyone makes mistakes, this year I need to be my own cheerleader. I need to celebrate every little achievement. And be proud of how I handle my mistakes without his voice.

My niece bought me a journal, “52 Lists for Happiness.” The pages are blank. I get to design my happiness. This journal will help me focus on everything that makes me truly happy.

I am reading an amazing book, “Heal My Voice: An Evolutionary Woman’s Journey,” by Andrea Hylen. I am going to spend each month focusing on two stories. I am using Andrea’s design to heal. Each month I will write and share my stories…healing. At the end of this year I will reflect back on these stories and see how far I have come. How much I have accomplished.

Every day will be a new day to spread joy and receive joy. I am going to start each day mediating. I will then be able to absorb the day. Each day will be a gift. I expect to learn something each day. I will take my Christmas joy and turn it into a year of joy. With a happy energy I can be a beacon of light for myself and others. We decide our own happiness. I choose a happy energy to renew my mind, body and soul.

Dance makes me happy, work makes me happy, writing makes me happy, reading makes me happy, traveling makes me happy, spending time with family makes me happy. Yes, I see a year of happiness ahead.

I am using the tools that have gotten me through life. I am organized. I love to journal and plan. I am waking up today filling in the pages. I could focus on the negative, but I choose to focus on all the little blessings I have. I am using my creative spirit to design my 2019.

I have scheduled my classes, massages. My “me” time will occur every day. I have set aside 30 minutes for me. It might be dancing, reading, walking, eating out….I get to decide. This time is for me. One Wednesday each month I am taking myself on a date. I get to decide, no pressure, just me loving myself and the unique amazing woman I am.

I have planned one trip in June and one vacation in November. The trip is me exploring, learning and going to new places. The vacation is me relaxing and resting.

This is my year for renewal of mind, body and soul. I am excited.

Written by: Collette Cottingham; Guardian Angels

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