20/20 Vision

 In Circle the Child, Weekly Forum Discussion


Written by: Melanie Groves; Circle the Child


I see clearly. It took a while to get here but I can say that I can see now, that this moment, this time is but a small piece of a larger puzzle. Only a portion of the canvas is available but in the same way, when you are driving a dark road at night and can only see meters ahead of the car, you trust that you will reach your destination. You can’t see the end. You trust it’s there. And once the sun rises again and shines its light on the road you end up seeing that you indeed got to your destination.

I will admit that I am on that dark road. I can see but a few meters ahead. But that faint glow lights a spark in me that I can no longer cast aside or shelve. It’s a calling that tugs on my heart and my soul.

My vision is simple: holding light to help those I come into contact with to transform their lives. What does that translate to? Pure and simple, stopping, being and then opening my eyes and my heart to the needs around me. Do you need a hug? Light! Bam! You need healing? Light! Bam! You need a voice for kids? Light Bam!

Whether growing my healing practice, offering workshops, blogging or taking on a team lead role in supporting children’s wellness at Circle the Child, I am there, I am present and I am fully immersed. Bringer of light. Bringer of sunshine. Healing children and inner children of adults. All the while bringing healing and love to my own inner and outer children.

Inspired by love in my heart, tingling from head to toe, and the most amazing music that matches the rhythm of the tapping of my fingers on the keys. I am in flow and therefore I know this is the one and only vision for me right now.



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