You Are Entering a Very Creative Time

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“I believe the Universe responds to your intent,” he agrees enthusiastically. “But, a large part of that is trust. You need to trust that you can do what it is you set out to do, and even if you’re not getting external validation, you need to trust the universe to support you.” ~Dr. Andrew Weil

Once upon a time, I believed in writing out the vision of my life. I created vision boards and long lists filled with details of what my life would look like. What I believe now is tuning into feelings and sensations, setting intentions for a focus, all of which will lead me to the path, and open to the mystery of something greater than I can ever imagine with my mind and limited vision. Life is an ongoing practice of tuning in and trusting.

Eight years ago, I followed my intuition and wrote articles about grief, then hosted radio shows on grief transformation, which led me to start the non-profit organization, Heal My VoiceOur mission is to support women in healing a story of trauma, loss and grief, reclaim inner authority and step into greater leadership in their homes, businesses, communities and the world.

When I first started Heal My Voice, the following words were shared with me while in meditation.

“Hold it lightly. Allow it to evolve and shift and grow. You are the guardian. Be willing to let it go.” ~Andrea Hylen, Founder of Heal My Voice

It has been an amazing adventure. Conversations and writing around the topics of empowerment, innovation, creativity, grief, sensuality, chaos, peace, and love. Women sharing vulnerability and discovering the power in their stories. Ten books of women’s stories. And now, a cycle is ending as the nine-month writing program has come to an end, and on July 22, 2018, I have released my book: Heal My Voice: An Evolutionary Woman’s Journey. This book is about a woman’s personal journey written in a community of women called, Heal My Voice.There is no grabbing or forcing anything. There is trust. As I release the book, I am free to explore what’s next.

The day to day experience of life is where the magic is happening. All of the pieces are arranged by the Universe and they fell into place, and things came together. Moment by moment trusting. While meditating, I heard the words: You are entering a very creative time. The words have become a mantra and a talisman to hold on days when the uncertainty of life feels wobbly. Setting intentions of desire, tuning into feelings, I notice the simple synchronicities that are occurring. A Facebook post I wrote two years ago surfaced when someone found it in the archives of a group. Someone reached out to ask me what it would take for me to come to Colorado and speak to their group. I notice, hold it lightly and see how it evolves. Am I inspired to go to Colorado and speak, or is it a clue on the path that will lead me to somewhere else? I am beginning to wake up every morning with chapter ideas for the next book I am writing, a novel based on a true story of a woman’s awakening. What else is possible?

Infinite Possibilities!

I am reminded of a Jonas Brothers song, Fly:

Now the past
Can come alive
And give it meaning
And a reason
To give all I can
To believe once again

If we chase the stars to lose our shadows
Peter Pan and Wendy turned out fine
So won’t you fly with me

Every day is a ‘believe once again’ moment. Tuning into my desires, I let go of the details, and focus on how it feels to have those desires met every day. I see the bridge in front of me and I begin to walk across it. As I am not exactly sure what is next, I am filled with curiosity and wonder. The magic of being alive.


Those Who Don’t Believe in Magic Will Never Find It ~Roald Dahl

Written by: Andrea Hylen; Heal My Voice

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