You Are Amazing

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Inspiration is what motivates me to find my true self, and one of the very reasons I, in turn, look to inspire others.

Inspiration is the light at the end of a tunnel that keeps me moving forward. It comes to me in various forms – books, music, nature, quotes, but nothing is more powerful than the lives of other women. Through these real life experiences, I can easily relate, feel their emotions, struggles, accomplishments, joys, or sorrows.

I am inspired by women who are real! Those women who aren’t afraid to speak their minds because they’re confident. The women who can throw on a bathing suit and rock it because they feel amazing in their own skin. These women can laugh at their own jokes, cry when they’re sad or happy, and aren’t afraid of who is watching. These women work so darn hard to raise a beautiful family or nurture their careers. Or for heaven’s sake, the ones who do both! You are amazing and I am inspired!

I am inspired by women who have been through hell and back, and live to tell about it. The ones who are sick, or have lost someone close, but still are able to find the light of day. The healers, the believers, the motivational speakers. All those women who share their story – keep sharing because we all love to listen! The ones I can turn to when I’m feeling down. The ones I can have fun with and make me laugh!

Women are incredible people (don’t get me wrong, men are too, but this topic is all about the women), and I am very proud to be a woman!

Cheers ladies, without all of you, the world just wouldn’t be as beautiful. You are amazing.

Written by: Krystle Rhea; Just Breathe Mama

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