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A long time ago, my dreams and visions were based on a life I thought I should be living, and the way my life would look to the outside world. I’m done with that. Once I tasted the sweet guidance from my intuition and alignment with my heart, there was no turning back. I remind myself at each turn of the wheel to be inspired by others and then turn my attention inward to find my own answers. What have I come here to do and be? What experiences is my soul longing for? Which choices will bring me the balance of rest and productivity?

Tuning in, I make a list of my wants. These are the desires that form the vision.

I want community and connection with family, friends and clients.

I want alone time.

I want to give and receive love.

I want to live in the country and the city.

I want creativity and I want to write books and create films.

I want to lead and participate in deep conversations.

I want a schedule with deadlines.

I want open space for wandering.

I want to travel. I want home space to rest and create.

I want to experience life in different locations in different parts of the world.

I want to take care of my body. I want to touch and be touched.

I want a mind-body-spirit-love partnership with a man.

I want to give and receive love.

I want independence and interdependence.

As I look at the wants that show me the foundation of my desires, and I look at the visions that are bubbling in me now, I know I already have it all. It has happened in the past, the present, and the future.

So, now what? Where do I place my attention and focus? Where do I fan the flames of my desires?

Here is a brief summary of the visions in my consciousness:

  1. To live in a house of creativity with community space and private space. (Posted on Consciously Woman two weeks ago.)
  2. To travel to colleges all over the world and share the experiences and wisdom using my books to stimulate deep conversations that are interactive with speaking, listening, and witnessing. (Posted on Consciously Woman last week.)
  3. To travel to different countries, immersed in the culture and learning languages, while writing and exploring – sometimes alone and sometimes with others.
  4. To write and write and write, my creative expression.
  5. To create and lead writing programs with coaching and speaking.

Am I living this now? Yes!

  1. The Writing Incubator, on-line writing space in community, is an online house of creativity.
  2. Creating Facebook Live talks this fall is a place to share experiences and wisdom from my books, while encouraging people to share their experiences in the comment section.
  3. French and Spanish programs from Audible are on my iPhone and I have been practicing. Yesterday, I walked in the Arboretum in Seattle, and spent time in the section that has plants from China, Chile, and New Zealand. I cooked Mexican food for dinner that night, and I made Indian food for tonight.
  4. Fourteen books on Amazon and writing two more that will be finished in 2019. I also have drafts for three or four more books.
  5. Writing programs online for the last 10 years.

My dreams and visions are to expand each of those experiences into even more physical manifestations.

  1. A physical home base that is a creativity center.
  2. A tour of colleges with interactive conversations on a variety of topics, with a foundation of writing and using our voices.
  3. Living in different countries and practicing different languages.
  4. Writing and publishing books: novels, memoirs, screenplays, poetry.
  5. Expanding writing programs online and in-person workshops.

Because, you know what? Just like Jason Mraz says in his song, “Have it All,” I can have it all…and so can you!

Oh, I want you to have it all
All, you can imagine
All, no matter what your path is
If you believe it then anything can happen
Go, go, go raise your glasses
Go, go, go you can have it all
I toast you

Written by: Andrea Hylen; Heal My Voice

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