Work Hard, Play Hard

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In the coming year I want to continue being balanced between work and play. After 16 years of hard work building a business from the ground up, I am finally able to make up for the sacrifices made for success. Being committed to a business has not always easy, but it has been well worth it. Now, it’s time to enjoy the life we have created as a family.

Last year we were finally busy enough to hire staff and allow ourselves weekends off. I love that I get to be together as a family enjoying the beach, hockey games or riding our horses. It’s an incredible feeling to be able to do it all together instead of one of us being home at all times to watch over the business.

This past year we had the funds to go out on a limb and buy two more horses. I have spent my entire life with horses and I wanted my two children to do the same. They are both incredibly talented riders, it was time for them to shine with their own equine partners. As a result, the whole family gets to ride together – a first for me. After many years of dreaming, we made it happen. We want to be able to safely compete, and for that we need quality, good-minded horses.

My business has grown to such an extent that we required an upgrade to the computer system; the growth had been rapid, and the old system could not keep up. At first I fought this, but I can honestly say it’s amazing. It’s saving me an incredible amount of time and frustration, and giving me more time for other activities. It was one of the final pieces which had to shift.

These accomplishments keep me focused and driven, and along with hard work, comes play. Without it, there would be no balance, the very thing I have worked so hard to achieve. I am constantly looking for better ways to work more effectively, and conversely have more time to play. It is a balance that has taken me over 40 years to figure out, and I am thrilled that the time is now. Here’s to more balance ahead!

Written by: Amber Schick; Unleashed! Pet Care Services

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