I Will Still Have Lots of Room to Grow

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I’ll be completely honest here, I’m not one who typically looks too far ahead into the future. This topic allowed me to put on my thinking cap, and dream of what my future might look like. My grandma is 80 years young, and I truly look up to her. Her life is lived simply, and is so fulfilling; I can easily see myself in her shoes when I am 90.

Family comes first and always will; it’s what makes living so rich. No matter how much money I have in my bank account, or how many beautiful things I have collected throughout the years, it’s the memories I make along the way which are truly cherished. Grandma unexpectedly lost her husband, my Gramps, four years ago. That’s when I realized life really is too short. They were together for 58 years and shared many beautiful moments together. Yes, they had their trials and tribulations, and they stood by each other through it all. I truly admire that, and it’s something I think of when it comes to my own marriage. I want Brady to be standing next to me, holding my wrinkly hand while we watch our great grandchildren play in the living room. I want us to remember that we are not just parents, but more importantly, husband and wife. Nourishing my relationships with my family and my close friends is very important to me.

I can see myself in perfect health within my 90-year-old body, which means it’s important to take care of myself now. I try my best to make sure I’m nourished with healthy food, that I keep my stress level down, and I get lots of sleep and exercise. I want to be full of life and drive, able to go on adventures and travel, and see the world. It’s in those moments that I grow as a person, and even at 90, I will still have lots of room to grow. I want to have a home somewhere in a tropical climate that I can escape to in the cold winter months; sunshine makes me happy, as does the ocean. I just want my heart to feel full of life, love, and joy. What more could I ask for?

Written by: Krystle Rhea

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