Where Will This Path Take Me?

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Everywhere I look, I see signs. Some advertise goods or a store, others give instructions. Once in a while I see a sign that puzzles me, either in its placement or design. Still others intrigue me, they draw my attention or speak to me. I wondered what sign I might find to snap a photo of and write a reflection about this week. Would it leap out at me, or be more subtle? Would I find anything at all that caught my attention? Probably I would, since I am drawn to new, different, or fun things, just as shiny objects are crow magnets.

As I sat in a local Tim Horton’s, sipping a hot chocolate on a foggy morning, I glanced around at their many signs and Christmas decorations. The bright red of their logo seemed more prevalent during this season of the year. The red offered a delightfully cheery contrast to the drabness of the morning.

I turned my attention back to my two companions and time disappeared as we planned an upcoming gathering for a group of writers. We looked at all the aspects of the plan, from the important but sometimes mundane (at least to me) finances, to opportunities for attendees to learn and connect.

I forgot about signs and colours while I focused, with excitement mounting, on the potential of this one day full of workshops. I enjoyed visiting with my daughter and a friend as we planned what the day could look like.

As noon approached and our meeting drew to a close, the windows revealed a still foggy sky and a Christmas feel to the place, enhanced by a few decorations staff had added during our morning meeting. Then it happened.

Another sign I had not noticed before, tucked in beside the waste containers, caught my eye. It advertised the chance to work for Tim’s, but what had my attention were these words in big, bold letters against a deep red background, “YOUR PATH IS JUST BEGINNING.”

To me it represented my path, not as an employee of Tim Horton’s, but my path as part of this committee planning an event, my path in becoming bolder in letting people know I am a storyteller, speaker and published author. My path to offering workshops and connecting with people in ways I have not even thought of yet.

Where will this path take me? On another sign – which I forgot to take a photo of – it had the words in script, “In Your community.” And, “Just for you”. These words made me think that this sign was for me to reflect on – this path, the one just for me, is just beginning and taking me into my community, whether this one where we connect on line, the one I live in, or any other place that I journey to.

It is exciting to think of all the possibilities just waiting to be explored as I walk this path, connect with others and do what I am gifted to do – teach and share stories. Thanks for being part of this journey with me.

Written by: Carol Harrison; Carol’s Corner

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