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Just last week I told a friend about a dream I had some time ago. I was in my late twenties when I had developed this idea in my mind of a retreat for women. It would be a place they could come for rejuvenation, and gain back any strength they might have lost over the battle with life, and whatever challenges it had served them. They would be able to choose from an array of offerings. There would be all kinds of sports, such as swimming, dancing, and team sports etc., delicious choices in healthy foods and snacks, time to come together to chat for delightful entertainment, as well as to have deep exchanges about life and experiences. Services of various health professionals would be available, from chiropractors to doctors to homeopaths. It would be a place of camaraderie, growth, and rejuvenation, and a place where women went, not because they were necessarily sick or had something wrong with them, but in order to maintain their health and vitality, and fill up their tanks by focusing on themselves for a season.

Why am I telling you about a dream I had a long time ago that actually feels obsolete now? I was drawn back to this old vision while I was thinking about what part of my dream life is already present just as I’ve imagined it. The place itself doesn’t exist, but the essence of it is very present in my life. By joining Consciously Woman it became an integral part of my life, as its energetic essence is the same.

The topics we discuss each week have guided me along a path of growth. The assignments encourage me to think about a topic, and then come up with an idea or insight I am able to be put into words. Through reading posts, the thoughts and awareness of the other women in the group, and the regular exchange with them, fosters my personal growth and happiness. For example, in the beginning, the idea of having my posts published was much more scary than thrilling. It feels great to see how I have grown into this process, and how I’ve become comfortable. Now, the idea of another woman “out there” reading my written words, and feeling uplifted or strengthened or inspired by them, feels like something is coming full circle.

In this group I feel seen and understood. I am cheered on to venture out there into the land of my dreams, and make my life happen; I also feel rejuvenated when life is rough. Ladies, I am deeply grateful for the female camaraderie I feel among us, and for the fantastic adventure we are on together! You made my “obsolete” vision come true.

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein

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