What is the Story YOU Want to Tell?

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“We don’t wait for the future to come to us. We give birth to the future.” ― Alain Yaovi M. Dagba

There is a vision in my consciousness. It pops into my dreams, meditative walks, and I see glimmers of it in my life. Bits and pieces of the puzzle. It has been bubbling for about eight years.

In my vision, I live in a five-bedroom house in Santa Monica, close to the beach which is easily accessible by walking, bike riding, a few stops on the bus, or a quick Uber ride. A feeling of being in the country and the city at the same time. I can walk to coffee shops, restaurants, the library, stores, Indie movie theaters, art, and music. There are several living room type spaces in the house with couches, chairs, big pillows, and little nooks for cuddling up and writing. Community spaces include a large kitchen with a 12-person table, and a separate building for creative space.  That space can be set up for meetings and work-shopping a project, or set up for art projects, music, photography. Flip charts, white boards, WiFi, drop cloths, tables, and art supplies. Infinite possibilities.

I have some level of ownership in the home, but I am not a caretaker. Someone else is the “guardian” of the house. They handle logistics of food, schedule of visitors, like a house manager. I am free to travel whenever inspired.

This is a house of creativity. People come to live for a while. A day, a week, a month or a year. There are creative retreats, as well as individual and community time. People come because they want to connect with creative ideas and have a space to incubate and cultivate with others. Sometimes, groups of people come at the same time to work with each other. Writing, art, film, photography. The focus is: What is the story you want to tell?

Sometimes people come to the house to work with me. They have a book to write or a screenplay they are working on. I spend hours and days of time working with them. At other times, I am a fly on the wall, or another voice at the table as someone is presenting an idea or looking for support. I have my own private work and living space in the house.

The function of the house is set up for community. There is a chore/task chart set up. When living there, everyone picks a daily to-do. Participate in meal preparation. Make coffee. Set the table. Do dishes. Vacuum the rugs. Garden. Take out the trash. Clean the bathroom. Do laundry. The chores are part of the creative process in community. For example, someone may choose to the do the breakfast dishes, as their chore of the day, and in the background, someone is playing a new song they wrote on the guitar. Chores are digestion for ideas that are churning inside and a way to deepen connection. One chore/task each day; a way of feeling connected and invested in the community. The creativity center in my vision is an adult space. There may be times that someone brings a breast-fed baby, a child, or a teenager who is creating something with a parent. In general though, this space feeds adults.

This is my home base and I live here with a partner, my lover, and life adventurer. I also live in different places in the world. Experiencing the culture. Inspired to speak and write. Sometimes alone. Sometimes teaching or gathering with other creatives. Bringing what I learn and experience back to the home base.

I have experienced this during my life. Girl Scouts was an amazing community for 10 years. Everyone contributed their unique talents and skills, and resources were shared. One year, our community Encampment of 250 people, had the theme of women in history. Our troop chose Amelia Earhart. One of the families made a small, wooden plane for kids to sit in and get their picture taken. We made little airplanes out of Popsicle sticks to swap with girls from other troops. Aviator caps made out of felt. Trips to the Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC. Reading books and creating plays. Nurturing, learning, creating.

As I turn my attention to this vision, I can also feel something shifting this summer. Usually when I house sit, I do not have guests. Either the place is too small, or I want and need time by myself, or the owners specifically say, no guests. But, this summer, I am sleeping in the bedroom with the dogs and there is a guest room. The size of the house, the social aspect of the dogs, has me inviting client friends to stay here with me once in a while, while balancing my alone time to write and create. The people who have stopped by are co-creators. We have matching desires and we co-create in community.

I also feel this flavor in The Writing Incubator, online. The time we spend on Zoom is inspiring and creative and intimate with deep connection.

So, here’s the thing. Even though I listed Santa Monica, the beach, five bedrooms, etc… my arms are open wide to co-create this with God, Spirit, Source, Universal Intelligence, and to let go of figuring it out with my mind.

This vision will be birthed from inspiration, just like homeschooling my kids, Heal My Voice, and The Writing Incubator. I am not in charge of the details. Holding the vision and allowing it to come into form, I follow the breadcrumbs, once again!

Written by: Andrea Hylen; Heal My Voice

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