What is Your Success?

 In Personal Coaching

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching


We all need validation. It is a human need. We thrive on it.

However, expecting continual validation from an external source can create problems as it opens the door to becoming dependent on it. As a business owner this can cause hesitancy to moving forward. It feeds the need to prove ourselves and our services or products to others and diminishes the willingness to adapt them according to our personal insights for fear of failure.

Simply think of building and caring for a business like building a house. If you want that house to be there long-term you have to think about how to make it stable and have integrity. Every good house construction starts with a solid foundation. That’s key.

So what is the groundwork for your business? Literally getting grounded in your value; knowing of the value you bring to the world with whatever you’re creating as well as with who you are.

Also being successful starts with defining for yourself what that looks like. As a businesswoman, you surely want to make money, but that is probably not your only indication for success. What else is there? Do you want community? Do you crave fulfillment and joy? Are you looking for partnership?

Clarity on what success means to you personally as well as being sure of your value and of what you have to offer gives you a rock-solid foundation. As you rest on this foundation it creates freedom that allows you to be choiceful around your business and how you conduct it.


This week’s homework:

What is your personal vision of success?




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