What a New Life

 In Personal Coaching, Weekly Forum Discussion

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching

That life in 2020 has been completely different than what we had expected at the turn of the year isn’t an exaggeration by any means. We had to find new ways to do our work, to come together as family and friends, to homeschool our children the necessities of life and so much more; all while remaining sane with what has been going on in both the external as well as our personal internal world.

With lockdowns in various stages around the world throughout this year for many there has also been and still is more space for quietness and pondering. While there is a heightened level of stress, we nevertheless have deeper realizations and impressions about what’s really important, what matters most to us and what take away we want to keep from this special season; not willing to loose those things after we have made such an investment in recent months. This stillness often is the catalyst for receiving answers, sometimes even without us posing any questions out loud such as:

What am I willing to sign up for? Am I called to upgrade the mode I live by from fighting to allowing? Do I feel ready to sit at the big people’s table to solve the challenges of our times? Do I need to bring balance back into my life? Am I ready to let go of old pain in order to fully step into my self-esteem? Is there something I feel moved to either stop or start in my life? What’s the next evolutionary step of my existence? Where can I shine brightly in my life?

This time seems to be a preparatory phase where we need to be willing to nurture this new life that we feel growing in our soul, and it will surely be exciting to see it all come into fruition.



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