Weihnachtsmärkte in München

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written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein


Just yesterday I saw an Amazon deliveryman ring someone’s doorbell holding a huge package with Christmas designs on it. Shopping for presents online is such a popular thing and I admit I do it, too. It is so much less stressful than going downtown and trying to find a way through the crowds.

But there is one experience that includes shopping that is only available in real life: German Christmas markets! They usually start at the beginning of the Advent, meaning four weeks before Christmas, and last until Christmas Eve; some even beyond.

They are all over the place, in small villages in the countryside as well as a number of them in every larger city. Munich for example has more than 30 different Christmas markets, from the oldest Christkindlmarket at the Marienplatz right in the heart of Munich, which first was recorded in 1310, to the Tollwood at the Theresienwiesn (right where the Oktoberfest happens only a few weeks prior), which is a mixture of a Christmas market and a festival with music and great exotic foods.

At the moment there are two I like best. The Medieval Christmas market has a wonderful atmosphere thanks to its knights, noblewomen and craftsmen. Every person working there is in medieval costumes. They even have shows with jesters, magicians and fire-breathers. You can watch blacksmiths and glassblowers work their magic while you enjoy rustic foods like roasted suckling pigs or Flammbrot (“flame bread” mostly with a sour cream and bacon topping). I love to go there and immerse myself in this fascinating past!

The other Christmas market I truly love is the one at Münchner Freiheit in Schwabing. Schwabing used to be famous for its numerous artists and its bohemian flair, which unfortunately was lost in recent decades due to its gentrification. The English Garden, one of the world’s largest public parks, is e.g. a popular location in Schwabing. The Schwabinger Christmas market has a very special atmosphere, different than most other markets. I guess that the charming flair is created by not only the love for, but also the diversity of art. In my eyes art is the main theme of this market. While every Christmas market offers a lot of goods that features craftsmanship, this one celebrates unique creativity and artistic skill that goes beyond that.

While I love to visit any Christmas market to connect with the atmosphere of the Season, browsing the stands of this market always gives me a very unique feeling no other offers me. I feel in awe with the creativity of the artists, which inspires the creative within me in return, and at the same time I always leave feeling very well grounded.

Sometimes I even find a special something that comes home with me, like last year for example. The cute little stone with its golden heart immediately spoke to me, of self-love and caring for myself. It even had a little hole, which made it perfect to wear on a leather cord. I treasure this little something to this day!

In just a few days the Christmas markets will open yet again, and writing about them made me not want to wait much longer! It is not only a lovely shopping experience, but for me it is a standing part of getting into the Christmas groove! Now since I assumed it might be a while until you ladies have a chance to come visit Munich I found this youtube video to give you some visual impressions. Both featured markets are there, too. You’ll find the Medieval one at 2:02 and the Münchner Freiheit one at 3:14. Enjoy!



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