Weekly Discussion Summary: You Are Zena, Sheena, and Jessica Jones

 In Consciously Woman

What a great week together with this topic. We decided last night on the call that, really, we could do almost any topic together and it would be amazing. We learn so much about ourselves from each other, always a deepening of self awareness.

But most important, always a deepening of that self awareness into the expression of ourselves, our greatest desires, and our interactions with others. Truly, discovering more of ourselves allows us to travel more with the worlds we live in, because of the deep self-trust we are cultivating. With this, comes the ability to go further into life, both safely and powerfully.

Discovering our Warrior Woman showed us not the battle ax of a woman, fighting her way through life, conquering, and achieving her goals through feats of outward brute execution. Instead we saw, strangely and beautifully, the opposite “action” of this energy in ourselves. Instead, we discovered that the Warrior Woman in fact conjures her strength by deeply grounding into the force that is “she”. She herself, She the Earth, and She her own creations. And from there, the “forward” action into life is instead coming from expansion, rather than single point focus.

Hmmmm. Mythical. Indeed. Imagine the completion of your tasks coming from the pulling back of the bow. And think of this as you walk through all areas of your own creation, in whatever Warrior Woman boots you are wearing in your mind – Zena, Sheenah, or Jessica Jones.

In our practical worlds, our daily lives, our “mundane” landscapes, as we drink our coffee, make our phone calls, and plan our lives, we find that this Warrior Woman is always present. She is the tone of our voice while making a deal. She is the fashion consultant while choosing an outfit. She is the gentle nudge out of bed on a difficult morning, even set the coffee machine on auto the night before. She accepts assistance. She sets the boundaries and protects them. She knows the future deeply in her bones, and acts accordingly in your favour. She is caring, loving, and infinitely willing to share that love and care with others. She is strength. She is gentle. She is grounded power.

Enjoy the rest of your week, Ladies. Let this particular knowledge of self settle in. With your Warrior Woman behind you, you can do anything.

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