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I have a water practice that grounds in my abundance as well. I have only thought about it in terms of my energy and my wellness thus far. I have a state of the art water purifier that I love. I’ve had it for 10 years or so. I love that no matter where I’ve lived, or on what water way or well, my water has been safe and mineralised. It’ tastes fantastic, and the unit is easy to use, clean and transport. It’s perhaps the best investment I have made!

It is, however, a gravity feed through the fancy-pants ceramic filter. It takes fo-r-evvar. I do my best to keep it full, which requires some planning if I have company or on Wednesdays when I water my plants. It’s silly to even admit this, but I have run out of water before and I will water my plants before I water me – and I won’t drink from the tap. I’ve become a bit of a diva about it! Ok, I mean paranoid. Yes, I’m paranoid. Living in the city means chlorine and living in the country means e-coli. Living in the mountains was, well, I’m not sure, hence the purchase of the unit in the first place.


When I moved to Hamilton four years ago, I started not only keeping the unit full, but keeping a large pitcher of water next to the unit. I love the weight of the pitcher. The feel and the colour make me feel calm and sustained. When I pour it into my glass or bottle, I don’t have to be stingy or feel limited. I also connect with my ability to provide for myself. My blogging communities vision has taken me years, obviously, and this water-abundance practice keeps me connected to how those plans translate into daily actions, and eventually into professional abundance for me and many others.

I am going to tweak it a bit after writing this. I have been connecting it to my health and any potential overwhelm, keeping myself “stocked up” for any drain on my batteries. I wonder what would happen if I connected that already well-used practice with my abundance vs my fear of not being enough?

I am definitely enough. This discussion has ignited an “upgrade” in an already well-loved and effective abundance practice. I really believe consciously re-framing in my mind why I keep the water unit full – success vs. striving – has already changed how I feel in my body when I drink a glass of water. I don’t drink it to “keep up” with all the amazing things I am creating, I feel energised and happy, like I am celebrating.

I wonder what the big abundances will look like when they start rolling in. When we think about how we “manifest” our reality, this is how we do it abundantly. What we create matches the frequency of our energy. How we are thinking governs our energy. When I was filling my tanks to prepare for “drain”, I was unconsciously creating drain, struggle. This is a big project to fund, and so far all my finances have needed to be metered. That’s not how I want the other women to feel when they are in their businesses. I am loving having a way for me to connect to me feeling how I intend for them to feel – abundant, successful and free.


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