Trust: A Part of Creation

 In Personal Coaching

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching

Trust is an integral part of any creation.

When we feel called to create something new it is a step into the unknown for us. That can be scary at times, but we feel this internal pull forward. We may wonder whether we have everything it takes to birth this new “being” into existence. We see our flaws and know we are anything but perfect. Why do we have to be the one assisting in this creation? Is the time now or can it wait until we feel better prepared and ready to do this? We may feel the need for more; more external resources, more structure or more skills what we seem to lack right now. Maybe we wonder about the reactions of the people around us to what we are bringing into the world. On the other hand we may get scared of what it will mean for us to be successful and thriving.

We need to see what hinders us from creating and then step forward anyway. The energies that appear as solutions are collected, grounded, willing and focused. These qualities we hold in ourselves establish the foundation.

The very fact we feel called to create something is a testament to our ability to do so; even if that ability may need to grow further. It comes through us because we are who we are, not despite that. We need to trust that, take steps forward and then we will see signs that confirm: “You are on the right path.”


This week’s homework:

What do you need to create?



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