To Be Loved

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I believe being a woman means we naturally have the ability to nurture. It’s in our nature to fix and heal, to comfort and sympathize. We cannot help ourselves from trying to solve every single issue we have in our lives. Every single time I join a group of women, or one on one, we chat. We talk about our home life, good and not so good; school and the issues or accomplishments that arise with our children. We talk about work and careers; about our marriages and relationships; new recipes, and cool dinner ideas. We can cover a list of 1000 things in an hour (over a bottle of wine we may end up being each other’s therapists). I believe that there’s something special about that, in that we can connect and relate to one another. And I don’t know about you, but when I walk away I always feel comforted and full, and I believe it is because we uplift one another. It is essential to find the time and make such discussions a priority.

My family just had the opportunity to spend the weekend away, at our son’s hockey tournament. We all look forward to these weekends in the winter months. The boys are excited to stay at the same hotel and spend every waking moment together, whether it’s in the hallway playing mini sticks, in the dressing room, or at a restaurant for lunch. The little sisters get to run around the rink with each other, carrying bags of dolls, horses, felts and paper, which is the cheapest form of entertainment, except when it comes to the concession stands and vending machines. The dads group together to talk sports and minor hockey, and the moms (such an amazing group of women) get to spend the weekend chatting over coffee, cheering in the stands, sipping wine or beer in the rooms together, and talking about everything under the sun! I came away from this weekend feeling on top of the world. Not only did our son’s team win every single game and take the gold, but I got to spend the weekend with an amazing group of women who inspire and lift me up!

Being a part of any group or circle allows us to have a common ground, whether it’s fitness, sports, work, art classes, at a coffee shop, beauty salon, or restaurant. I think that’s the secret! Finding a time and place to be with women who make me feel that I belong, with whom I have something in common, who listen, offer advice, inspire me, who I can learn from – they lift me up and make me feel balanced.

There is no better feeling in the world than being loved, and isn’t that what every woman wants?

Written by: Krystle Rhea; Just Breathe Mama

Photo Credit: Amber Schick; Unleashed Pet Care Services

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