This Deep Feeling of Freedom

 In Gluecklich im Sein

As I am sitting here in the garden in the shade of my parasol, and my mind is going back a number of years, back to the time I was introduced to energy work, specifically the Emotion Code. It was a time when I was looking for answers, for healing. That’s when two of my friends went to one of Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code seminars in Ireland. When they came back, and I asked questions about what they had learned, one of my friends said: “Well, do you want me to work on you?” And so, as we stood in the middle of the hallway she started her “thing”. I don’t remember what challenge exactly she worked on, and I’m sure she doesn’t either, but I distinctly remember my body’s reaction: it felt like a light cool breeze running down my spine. Since cool sensations on my back have never been something enjoyable for me, yet this felt purely delicious, I immediately knew there was something to this method. I bought the book, read it, underwent the necessary training to become certified in the Emotion Code, and some years later, did the same for the more extended version called the Body Code.

Working with this method has been quite a journey. I learned to train and listen to my intuition to an extended level, and I was able to help others and myself. Also, having a regular exchange with other gifted practitioners is such a fountain of learning, new discoveries, and healing for both parties.

Remember Thucydides’ quote from last week? “The secret to happiness is freedom. The secret to freedom is courage.” We all have the courage to create our lives according to our visions. It’s just that sometimes it is buried by a lot of old baggage we carry around with us. The Body Code allows me to become free of those blocks, and is thereby one of the important motors in my life which move me towards my dreams step by step. For that, I am deeply grateful.

As I was running some errands in downtown Munich yesterday, I was thinking about the topic of gratitude. I noticed how often I can be in the energy of freedom if I willingly choose to do my activities with gratitude. To me, this means whenever I consciously choose to do things in my life with gratitude in my heart, I am already living my dream! After I was finished with all the errands I sat down near a well-known fountain from 1972 that brought relief from the heat of the day, and with people buzzing around me I enjoyed this deep feeling of freedom!

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein

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