There’s a Spa Day on Our Horizon!

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What would my vision gift me with for Valentine’s? What an interesting question! It’s so unique it took me a while to think of something. What would I wish for if I could have anything? What would I really want right now? Then it came to me: an extended weekend at a spa hotel!

I went online to create my vision board of this wonderful event. As hesitant as I had been at first about what I wanted, soon these beautiful images came flying towards me bringing with them a clear view on this amazing weekend: First of all I would like my vision to bring along three of my best girlfriends so it’s an amusing party of four! We would stay at a beautiful hotel either somewhere in the Alps with a lake close by or close to the ocean, then preferably somewhere warm.

Upon arrival we would fall into each others’ arms and hug forever, happy to see one another again. We are all looking forward to a marvellous time together! Wouldn’t you know it, we start the weekend off with lots of laughter, updates on our lives and something nice to drink?

Our hotel rooms are comfortable and even luxurious. We have rooms at the same floor, maybe even with connecting doors, so it is like having one big living room. If not, not to worry since the hotel has a beautiful fireplace with comfortable seats and sofas all around, the perfect place for extended chitchats.

We go to dinner in the hotel restaurant, which is beautifully set in its surroundings. While we enjoy the delicious food we excitedly discuss the spa options. Literally anything is available: facials, massages of all kinds including my beloved hot stone massage, reflex zone massages for both hands and feet, Thai massages and yoga. There are several pools including a horizon pool and a whirlpool as well as a sulphur bath. They have different areas to relax including a grotto where you can breathe salt filled air as if you are at the ocean.

We so enjoy making plans and choosing from all the options. One thing is for sure. We all want to try something new while we’re here, which for me means Thai yoga: where a therapist will move my body gently through the Asanas! Also we will take a walk along the sea or around the lake, we will chat endlessly, have amazing food and get super relaxed from all the “Spa-ing”. We will create a weekend full of memories we can draw upon for the rest of our lives. Most of all: we will have fun and laugh our heads off. For it is just as the meme on my vision board says: Laughter is the shortest distance between friends!


Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein

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