The World Rises from Good Self-Care

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I believe in Self-Love. I believe that the key to my happiness is through self-love and self-care. The necessity of taking the time to feel taken care of, and not by someone else. This is another thing I have learned, that the key to happiness is not in someone else’s pocket. It is in my pocket. Relying on someone else to make me happy never worked. I needed to start with loving myself first.

Don’t get me wrong, being taken care of by my husband makes me feel secure. It gives me peace of mind knowing that someone else has my back. I can go to him when I am having a bad day, receive a big hug and let it melt away. Having someone to love, and love me back makes my heart full. But when it really comes down to it, I don’t rely on him to be the one to always make me feel good about myself, about telling me I am a good mother and a good wife. I don’t rely on my kids to turn a bad day around, even though they often can. I already know within my heart I am all of those great qualities. Because whatever I do, I do it with love and good intentions.

Beginning with taking care of myself.

This is something that I learned when I became a Mom. Self-care became something that I needed. Something that was the missing puzzle piece. When I was putting so much of myself and my energy towards the kids and my husband, I slowly slipped and I burnt out.  It was at this point in my life that I realized what I was doing wasn’t working. Something needed to change.

“Sometimes things fall apart, so better things can fall together.” This is when everything changed. This is when my belief in myself, my needs, and my love was just as important as my family was. This is when I realized I couldn’t wait for a girls night or a coffee date once every two weeks. I needed something more. I needed to believe that I was worth my time and attention. Light bulb moment!

It began with waking up a little earlier than everyone else. Making my cup of hot coffee (that I would sit and allow myself to enjoy, instead of drinking it on the go) and just slowly waking up. It allowed me to be coherent when my kids awoke and needed my attention. It evolved to journalling, writing a list each morning of the things I was grateful for. The air I breathe, the fact my lungs work and allow me to breathe. My eyes to see my children grow each day, to enjoy the views of nature and all of the other sights that life has to offer. My heart that beats to keep me alive, that allows me to feel the excitement, and the love that I have in my life. Journaling allowed me to see life from a different angle. To appreciate so many things that I had taken for granted before. It allowed me to slow down and be present.

My self-care practice has grown and is something that I make a priority in my life. It can be simple, like taking a bath, my favourite music or a cup of tea, but I make sure I incorporate it into every single day. It’s something I teach my kids and encourage them to do. I want them to be able to make themselves happy.

Self Love Sunday became a weekly reminder to take a moment (or the whole day) for yourself. Sundays are a good day, but so is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

I believe that love is what makes our world go round. It dissolves fear, anger, frustration. It’s a light in the darkness, sunshine in the rain, calmness in chaos. Everybody needs it, so why not begin with YOU?

Written by: Krystle Rhea; Just Breathe Mama

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