The Vision of Dropping the Balls

 In Personal Coaching

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier


Are you in it yet? In the middle of the yearly recurring pre-Christmas frenzy where a thousand things need to get done before you can settle into a few cozy days and the end of the year?

Isn’t it interesting that two of our major religions, Judaism and Christianity, have celebrations near the end of the year that revolve around miracles and light and that invite us to pause and be still for a season? Or take the winter solstice that happens in the night of December 21st to 22nd. It marks the longest and darkest night of the year; the moment prior to the phase when the sun gains strength to once again trump the darkness. It too marks an instant in time dedicated to stillness and reflection.

Nevertheless we humans run around like Duracell bunnies to accomplish what exactly? Making up for what we procrastinated during the first eleven months? Or are we simply clicked into this manic rush that traditionally hits extra hard this time of the year as if we hadn’t spun the wheel in a superhuman speed all year long?

So why don’t we accept this season’s special invitation? Are we so afraid to drop the balls and mismatch our own as well as other people’s expectations? Do we even know how many of the balls we are juggling are inherently ours and how many of them are actually others’ or the society’s?

I get it. In our minds dropping balls is not connected with anything positive, but rather with judgement and feelings of being a failure and not matching up. What if the vision of dropping balls could change into something empowering? It is your choice after all what you do with the energy that is yours.

Choicefully leaving balls behind that don’t match your goals is not a weakness, but a strength that might even inspire others to do the same.


This week’s homework:

Which of your balls can you let go off to lighten your load?


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