The Superpower of Learning

 In Personal Coaching

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier


I didn’t always feel about learning the way I do now. When I had to go to school there were many times I felt frustrated and unmotivated to accumulate the knowledge I was expected to gather. Then again, I have to question whether that was about learning itself or rather about the way information was presented and taught?

Now, learning fascinates me. I mean, think about it: learning – gathering knowledge, putting it to good use and finally reaping wisdom. What a concept! I remember sitting at my desk one evening pondering the abundance of knowledge that is out there and that I can choose to learn anything I want. I was fascinated by this outlook, which is best expressed in this quote by Leonardo da Vinci, someone in fact, who did accumulate a widespread abundance of knowledge:

“Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears, and never regrets.”

After a long day, I went for a walk in a park not far from my home. As I sat down on a bench below a Maple tree I saw a little girl walking across the wild meadow nearby. She was probably around one and a half to two years old. While her family was sitting on another park bench waiting for her, she was off on her own exploring this wonderful terrain. She fell on the ground regularly but that didn’t stop her from moving along. The grass was so high it reached all the way up her legs. The joy of moving around, falling, getting up and moving again was palpable all the way to my spot underneath the tree. Finally, once she was finished seeing everything she wanted to assess she walked back to her family—not without tripping over her own feet one more time—but relentlessly hiking up the hill to meet with her father who picked her up while she whooped with glee.

What that has to do with me learning? I adored the playful approach of this little girl and would love to copy it. I wish for more play as well as playfulness in my life to counter the tension that builds in my adult body when it seems so necessary to take life seriously. She was just off, exploring the meadow and enjoying herself. What an approach to life!

Learning is growing is being alive! Who doesn’t want more of that?



This week’s homework:

What’s one area in life you feel inclined to explore more deeply?

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