The Spontaneous and Unexpected

 In Gluecklich im Sein, Weekly Forum Discussion

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein

I love when I notice synchronicity striking. Only a few days before reading this week’s topic, I started up an old habit of mine: writing a bullet list of things that happened that day. It is less effort than writing a full journal entry but still helps me remember what I enjoyed and really counted that day.

This time I did it with a certain intention in mind: I recently strangled myself with the “should”s and “ought to”s of life on a daily basis, easily feeling like I wasn’t doing enough. We all feel negative things at times, but as soon as I become aware I am stuck in negative patterns, I want to fix them. I think if positivity is our norm we are so much more powerful at anything we do! This time the idea that came to me was to write said list daily and focus on everything that went right that day, anything I did or that simply happened that was positive, fun or perfect timing.

Embracing the daily delights that happen, and doing this as an active gratitude ritual sets me up to look through a bright lens at my life constantly. I make a mental note to capture it in my journal that night each time I experience something great.

Also, it led me to an awareness—or should I rather say a remembrance—of what gives me joy: the spontaneous and unexpected.

For example, last night I just wanted to bring out the trash. As I was downstairs I suddenly decided to go for a little walk to enjoy the remaining warmth of the day, relax and set the mood to go to bed and have a good night’s rest. It was so delightful to have this be the perfect end for my day, walking through the streets and watching the lights in the houses. I noticed one woman sitting outside to watch some TV on her mobile device like I like to do, enjoying the night’s air as well as a good show.

This enjoyment of impromptu actions has been there before. It could look as simple as taking a different route to the office in order to go to an appointment or, best of all, an impromptu social situation. You know, those quick get-togethers with family and friends that are set up at a moment’s notice. Those simple things that are created spontaneously are giving me so much joy! Like just now going to my parents’ house to go pick something up and my mom turning it into a family dinner as she’s determined to make spareribs (haven’t had those in forever) and veggies!

Writing those daily lists has shown me yet again what is important in my life and what gives me true joy! Go try for yourself! What makes it on your list?

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