The Key to Change

 In Personal Coaching

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching


Adapting your business to a new situation such as the current pandemic can be daunting, yet also highly beneficial, even beyond being able to stay in business or even growing it. It gives you an opportunity to gain further clarity about what you do and what your genius is. Changing from a personal to an online service for example may leave you wondering how you put what you so naturally do in a personal experience into action on an online platform. This is in fact the very scenario we were discussing last week in our Immersion Coaching call.

The very solution to shifting into the new positioning was indeed mentioned by the coaching client herself right at the beginning. She talked about the cultural concept that the power lies outside of us and how we put our minds in control. While we need to use our minds to plan and get things done, she mentioned how there is a need for more balance by being in our bodies and letting the wisdom we carry there come up.

It was so beautiful to observe her bring her own solution, for this realization carries the answer to adapting to any new situation, business or otherwise: The key to change always lies within you. You can find it by tuning into your inner wisdom and giving it space. You are your own solution.



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