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Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein

Last week I had a yes week planned. A week to say yes to joy. It was a special week for me as it was my birthday on Friday. This year I decided to make it a whole birthday week. I wanted to experience joy every day — connect with it if you will. As I have mentioned in last week’s post I went to see a wonderful documentary that left me hovering home instead of walking and feeling inspired for days. I went swimming the next day, which I haven’t done in a long time. Floating in an outside pool using the water jets on the sunniest day of the week was so enjoyable and relaxing. I took time to start a new crafts project that I had been collecting ideas for via Instagram. A trip to a nearby store to wander around and get more supplies was planned and executed. I got home a happy girl with a lot of resources to put into the current and future projects. I bought myself flowers — I do that regularly, but this time I got a special kind I had never had before, filled daffodils. They were so gorgeous!! I also spent time with friends and had good conversations.

All in all, it was a great week except for one unplanned fact: I had a toothache come and go all week long only to have it culminate right on my birthday! So instead of having a delicious meal in the Bavarian countryside and a walk around Starnberger See (one of the beautiful lakes here in the area), it was mashed potatoes for food and a slow day. Luckily, with several Body Code sessions between my friends and I, most of the pain was gone by Sunday night.

Was it a yes week filled with joy though? Absolutely, and here are a few things I learned about saying yes along the way:

I can say yes to being joyful, even when something is off. Being “joyless” doesn’t make any situation better; in fact, it makes me less resistant to worry. Sometimes I have a hard time making a decision for the fear of making the wrong one. I realized this week that if I say yes and move forward with a decision, in cases when it’s wrong for me I soon feel it, which gives me the opportunity to change my mind. Saying yes to things as a default this week made me do things more quickly. The whole mental debate about whether to choose yes or no was gone and I was able to spend the energy on moving forward. I need energy to say yes, which means if I want to be able to live a yes life I have to take good care of myself. If, for example, I am overtired it is so much harder to say and do the yes. Previously I would have felt sorry for myself that I had a toothache right on my birthday. Now seeing it from a Body Code practitioner’s perspective I noticed that saying yes to joy made the things that hamper joy in my life available for healing. That insight made the pain “worthwhile”, as I saw it as a way of cleaning out the blockages to more joy!

So, all in all, it was a super successful week of yes, despite it not being only pleasant!

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