The Habit of Creativity

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Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein


These days, I am having an Artist Date almost every night! I started this maybe three weeks ago. I saw this posted on Instagram and loved the idea: someone had used an old book as an art journal. Since we have a public bookshelf close by where people leave their old books they don’t need anymore it was easy to get one: “Abenteuer im australischen Busch” (“Adventures in the Australian Bush”), an old book for teenager with a wonderful seasoned book cover.

So almost every night I sit there with my Australian adventures book and wait for creativity to hit home. Sometimes it’s collages, sometimes simple shapes with added colour and sometimes little paintings. Soon I noticed something that amazes me: the difference between doing this on blank pages versus printed ones. For some reason, I feel more free with printed pages. I can be freer in what I do with them. It reminds me of my teenage years. I loved cute little booklets and journals already back then; that’s why I was given them for my birthday or Christmas again and again. The crazy thing: I was always hesitant in using them; I dared not fill them with something imperfect. So working with printed pages takes away that hesitation, because it doesn’t have to be perfect! I start not knowing if it will turn out nice or not. I started caring less about the result and more about the process.

I love this as it goes so well with my theme of 2020, self-generosity. I have mentioned it before: I feel the need for more flexibility and openness in order to be more generous with myself. I can sense a certain rigidity in how I see myself, how I assess myself. “How can I change that?” I asked myself. One way that arose naturally from my body lately is stretching my torso with a little Yoga pose. Feels delicious and opens the heart area! Another way is this daily exercise of applied creativity, doing it without judging myself for what I create. Seeing this connection is what drives me to have an almost daily Artist Date!

Although I Artist Dated often in the last few weeks, I wanted to take some time for myself today. To make my creativity time special I simply added a drink. Beverages that I don’t have on a daily basis are an easy way to make an event feel special to me. I’ve made my own coffee house drink: I made malt coffee with foamed soy milk and coconut blossom sugar served in my favourite mug that I painted myself. What a delight, yummy! I wasn’t into creating anything big, but that’s the beauty of what I described before and the fact that I do this daily. It can be something big and beautiful or it can be something simple. It’s not about the outcome, but about being creative and practicing the habit of being creative and open. And to reward myself I ordered in Asian food, which spared me the cooking and made this date special again as I hadn’t done this in forever.

Oh, and by the way, I already got myself three more old books for all my future dates with self. For all we know I could have a whole bookshelf filled with them by the end of the year!!


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