The Essence of Motherhood

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Mothers – what a divine concept! No matter who we will be, what we will accomplish, what kind of life we will live, we all start it through our mother. It’s the woman who went through tremendous effort, pain and labour to carry us with her for nine months, and then bear us into this life only to then worry about and care for and nurture us for the rest of our lives.

A friend of mine just recently gave birth to two healthy twin girls. That is an endeavour of its own, but she even gave birth at home with the help of a wonderful midwife. To me she is a hero, not because of how she gave birth, that is everybody’s own choice. She is my hero because noticing that she doubted herself and her ability to give birth in such a way a few years back when being pregnant with her first child, she didn’t leave it at that. She researched and learned and changed her inner beliefs about a woman’s body and abilities. She has conquered her own fear and clicked into her personal power as a woman and a mother. That is the essence of motherhood for me, to overcome fear by the driving force of unconditional love in order to becoming this powerful and influential being working to ensure the upbringing of the next generation.

If you search for it you can see it everywhere in an astounding variety. Here are some examples of mothers I see in my life:

  • The mother who, despite her difficult childhood, raises children with so much love and giving and instills in them levels of self-esteem which she wasn’t given.
  • The mother who works full time to support her family despite feeling guilty, because she thinks she doesn’t give her child enough attention.
  • The mother who takes into her home another’s child to give it the love and attention it needs and deserves.
  • The mother who is so artistic in designing her home to create an atmosphere of harmony.
  • The mother who despite not having given birth herself, loves the children in her life and enjoys every minute with them, trying to add to their parents’ efforts to raise them.
  • The mother who cares for her sick child and literally gives her all to support the health of her little one.
  • The mother who uses a lot of attention and love to create healthy and delicious meals for her loved ones.

And the list goes on. Mothers are simply amazing creatures with so much talent and love and power and nurturing in their bosom. What really makes me sad to see is how often they are so critical with their own efforts of thinking they are, or do not do, enough. Not true, mothers, you rock and literally make the world of us children turn!

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein

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