The Dream of Flying

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Last weekend, I was sitting in nature watching white butterflies fly around. There is lavender in the garden, so there were quite a few of them. Watching one of them fly up to the top of an approximately five metre high tree, I was wondering what amazing perspective any flying creature has on this planet. What would be my perspective on life if I were to fly that high? Would my attitude towards people and things change? What new experiences would I have? What would I feel going up that high “on my own”?

Those are some of the questions I assume were ones that made man dream of flying, since time began, beyond the fact that it would be a wonderfully simple and fun way to travel and get places. So, how do I fly figuratively speaking? And, what does that look like?

The initial thought is that life would be easier. The ability to fly, to rise above what is happening on the ground, for me, this is very connected with the idea of freedom. My perspective not only changes visually, but emotionally and mentally. For example, it’s quite like when a friend is in the middle of a certain situation, and being influenced deeply by the feelings that come with it, while you can sit on the couch next to her or him having all the details, but not being so emotionally involved: you are able to keep a distance and thereby, the overview.

Flying is not about not feeling, but about taking things less personally, and being okay with what is. In that realm, I inhale emotions, let them move what they need to move, and afterwards allow them leave by fully exhaling them. There is choice and taking responsibility around to which feelings I give heed. I enjoy life, as it is, not thinking about how it could or should be, as there is no attachment to certain results. Being or having something a certain way does not define me. On the other hand, I allow people to be who they are, and wherever they are on their personal journey. I don’t require others to be a certain way either. From this higher perspective I can see that it is okay that some things are not there yet, but I know they will be, after all life is a journey. I can trust that.

For me, all of these are parts of emotional and mental self-reliance. So in that respect, have I taken flight yet? Most definitely I have. It surely looked like those first human attempts where they strapped wings on their arms and ran and jumped, and landed quite quickly again. But hey, I’ve taken flight! I will surely continue to do so, until I get it down like those cute little butterflies last weekend!

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein

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