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You may recall that one of the things on my list for my social media fast was to use a gratitude journal. I felt the need for it even before I started the fast, as I wanted to support myself to be more aware of gratitude and have it grow. I had used an online forum years ago, but since I couldn’t find it anymore I went on a hunt for an app that would meet my needs. I downloaded several ones in order to have different examples. I am quite a visual person, so content is important, but if it’s wrapped up in a beautiful design and maintained by simplicity, you got me. So this is how I chose which app I would stick with, and I am so happy with this one, particularly because it doubles as a journal, not “just” as a gratitude log.

Signing up with this app came with a series of emails from the creator of the app sharing her success story, how gratitude has helped her personally reshape her life, and why she created the gratitude app as a result of that experience. I had a little problem in using the app and as it was mentioned in the email series I sent this lady a request. She answered within 24 hours and gave me detailed instructions on how to avoid my problem.

Her kindness and the level of her customer service blew me away. So, I let her know. I sent her a reply thanking her for her quick reply and her excellent service. I mentioned that I love the design and simplicity of her app, and I told her that it’s already serving me well.

I haven’t heard back from her yet, but that doesn’t matter. Giving a compliment is something that I always truly enjoy. It’s a process of acknowledging the awesomeness of the other person and mirroring that back. It’s delicious to put a smile on someone’s face that way. Better yet is to see the genuine surprise in their eyes, when I have complimented something they couldn’t see themselves, or didn’t deem very special. I love that, because I know it gives them the feeling of being seen and that is a beautiful thing for any human being!

Little side note: Guess what I read in one of the gratitude app emails today? The app creator invites her users to put their happiness first by doing a list of things, among them, tuning out anything that doesn’t make you happy and sending thank you texts. To read her list made me smile, for I did both of these this week: The social media fast helped to clear out some negatives things, and she was the recipient of my thank you note!

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Gluecklich Im Sein

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