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“It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.” – Mother Theresa

December is the season of giving. This is what most people recognize it as. Buying gifts, making gifts, donating to the food bank, or Christmas Star. There are so many opportunities to spread the love.

There isn’t just one place that I concentrate on. Or just one month of the year. 

I am ALL about shopping locally. I love the shops around our town that are run by local families. We truly are so lucky to have such an amazing variety not to mention, GOOD QUALITY! This is something I do all year round. Don’t get me wrong, when the opportunity arises to go to Costco I definitely take it, but I am more drawn to the centre section where all the clothes and cool homey things lay.

Our town has the coolest celebration nights in December to help get everyone out and support the local businesses. It’s something that most people look forward to and definitely take advantage of! 

Giving to the local businesses is definitely what keeps everyone going, but the businesses also give back to the locals. It’s a friendship circle that keeps going around. There are sales and promotions, and dinners that are donated to local families and the school. Anytime there is a dinner at the school, there is a box open for food bank donations as well. Or often in place of admission at a function, food bank donations are accepted. The local businesses always support hockey, or any sport that our kids are involved in. I can honestly say that I am SO PROUD of our valley and the love that is given back and forth. It doesn’t take much at all for everyone to come together to help out a family in need, because of sickness or a devastating accident. The local spirit is truly amazing! 

Most often around this time, the mail is flooded with charitable donations. I always donate to each one. I seriously have such a hard time saying no, and it really doesn’t have to be much but it goes a long way. I recently learned that Jumpstart (which was available at Mark’s Work Wear World) gives all their donations to a local arena to support the kids in hockey. I was just so excited to hear that.

I try my best to give where I can. I know that money, food, time – all of it counts. 

Written by: Krystle Rhea; Just Breathe Mama

Photo courtesy of Textures Craftworks in Hamilton. Poster by Sundara Studios. Thank you!

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