Teens Too

 In Circle the Child, Weekly Forum Discussion

Written by: Laurel Crossley


Here is a quick sound bite for all the parents of teens out there. These kids think fast and move fast. They’re on the move, and moving into adulthood way before their time!

In these extraordinary times, it is essential that as parents, we keep up. It is important to watch for signs that our teens and young adults are struggling.


Here are a few quick reference questions you can ask yourself to help you keep track of simple changes in behaviours. You can use them as a daily quick-guide:

Is your teen overeating or under eating?

Is your teen not sleeping or sleeping all the time?

Is your teen shutting down and not talking—or talking rapidly as if in a panic?

We can easily look for changes in our teens daily and at a glance, with just these simple questions.


In the bigger picture, be open and check in regularly with your teen. Here are some simple phrases to get you started:

“Let me know if you need anything.”

“If you have questions just ask and I will try to answer them as best possible.”

“How are your friends doing? Please tell them I say hi!” (I use this one a lot to see how my 20+ year old’s peer group is doing and what they’re discussing)

Or, if your teens aren’t talkers, write them notes and put them under their pillows. Let them know you are there!


It’s easy to let them know you’re listening, and you can be sure they are—even if they pretend to be the strong and silent type. In times like these, our teens might look like adults, but they look to us for safety—exactly like they did when they were kids.



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