Stop and Take Note

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Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching


Have you ever been literally overcome by emotions? That can happen when we are in an extreme stressful situation, e.g. when we are experiencing the loss of a loved one or a sudden strike of drama such as a car accident or getting fired unexpectedly or having a huge fight with someone. Sometimes though that can happen with minor incidents as well that normally don’t warrant such a huge emotional outburst. Have you also had those moments and wondered what that was all about?

When your emotional reaction to a current situation is exponentially larger than the severity of the situation, stop and take note. It points to deeper and often older issues. Think of it as an old wound that hasn’t properly healed. As long as you don’t touch it, it might not be that bad, but if you do! It can hurt as bad as when you first got it or sometimes even worse because it had time to fester. The current incident is figuratively touching the old wound and creates a reaction that far exceeds the norm.

If you want to get rid of that pain you can ask yourself the following questions in order to find the missing link, gather insights and move forward in the matter:

What are the emotions you are currently feeling? What is the most prominent one? Can you notice your accompanying thoughts and beliefs?

Can you see where these enormous feelings originated? Does the current incident remind you of another experience you had? Is there a recurring pattern involved? Let your intuition guide you back to the original situation.

Is there something that kept the wound in place and your system from regenerating? Or is it a familiar wound that just offered you the chance for another layer to heal?

Have you not yet expressed all your sentiments concerning the matter? If not find a way. That may look like talking to the people involved or if that is not possible or appropriate you can write them a letter or talk to them in your mind. You can put things onto paper using words or sketches. Express what needs to be expressed so you can let go.

Do you need to forgive others or yourself or even both so this wound can heal and you can find peace again? What keeps you from forgiving? Do you e.g. think that if you forgive it will happen again or that forgiving sets the possible offender free of the consequences?

Do you need external help to find alleviation in the matter? If so find your preferred method: an energy healing method, a body release process, an appointment with a therapist, a conversation with an understanding friend, …

Is there anything else you need for you to come to peace with this experience? If so find a way to make it happen. Use your imagination if necessary.


This week’s homework: Can you notice when you’re overreacting?



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