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Have you ever tried to be angry, upset or sad when you hear a funny story, told by someone with a grin spreading across their face? No matter how discouraged I might be watching the antics of my little grandson brings a smile to my face again. Watching him “race” granola bars as if they were cars or giggle when tickled or simply having him snuggle up for a cuddle time improves my outlook and I cannot help but smile and put the memory in my story bank for a time when it will make a good illustration for writing or speaking. Sometimes the story is a reminder to me to cherish those fleeting moments that are gone too quickly.

Having a puppy curl up in your lap offering unconditional love as long as you are kind to it brings a sense of warmth and a smile to your face. Making memories with grandchildren, friends and family offers a chance to tell the stories and smile at the moments you shared. Hearing a funny story or some chance remark can have me grinning and I have been known to get the giggles like a schoolgirl, even now that I am in my sixties. I love these stories and smiles.

This quote by world-renowned speaker, author and brand strategist, Jay Danzie, resonated with me and what I believe about myself and what I do. He said, “Your smile is your logo; your personality is your business card and how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark.”

I love my smile. As I tell my stories, speak and mentor others smiling makes me approachable and puts others at ease. A smile makes the day go better and allows others a glimpse into my authentic self. I love that my smile can be my logo.

I am passionate about mentoring people of all ages and abilities to help them find their voice and reach their fullest potential. I share real life experiences and stories of faith to encourage them to find that glimmer of hope no matter what the circumstance.

Being approachable and authentic is the trademark I want to leave as I tell my stories, do my workshops and presentations and mentor others. Stories and smiles are the umbrella that covers all the things I am and love to do.

Everyone has a story but not everyone feels comfortable sharing their stories, not everyone loves to tell them, to have them spill out whenever they open their mouth or sit to write something down. But I love stories of all kinds and am a good storyteller.

I will use a story to answer a question. They show up when I speak or write. I use them to entertain others and bring smiles to their faces. Stories help add punch, reality and pizazz to presentations and help others remember the points I am making. In this way I can use them to educate others on topics near and dear to my heart. A true story of triumph over tragedy becomes a message from the mess and lets others know they are not alone when they walk through the tough stuff of life. Stories of faith touch me deeply and make me stronger.

Everyone has the ability to smile, but for some people the tough circumstances of life have turned that smile upside down on an almost permanent basis and you wonder if they will ever smile again. But smiling is contagious and stories draw others in. Therefore the combination can offer that glimpse of possible joy and a glimmer of hope which is what I love to do every day and believe I have a God given gift to do it well.

Written by: Carol Harrison; Carol’s Corner

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