Singing in the Rain

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It was a typical Monday morning. I woke up at the same time, made my coffee, lit my candle and sat alone enjoying the silence. I had plans to make this a work day, after getting the kids off to school. But, after giving it some thought, I decided what I really needed to do was spend some time with myself. The work can wait until tomorrow.

I often feel that I become overstimulated by other people, feeling or events. The best way for me to deal with it is to take a step back, and get in touch with the way I am feeling, accept that this is where I am, but it’s not where I choose to be. Nobody wants to feel low, irritated, or anxious, but these are emotions that happen frequently. In the past, I didn’t know the best way was to free myself from these feelings, but I am learning. On this day, I took myself on a date: I went for a run in the pouring rain.

This might not seem like a big deal to most but, for me, I am an “indoor when it rains” kinda gal! Don’t get me wrong, I love the rain. But, being in the rain, and enjoying the sound of it hitting your roof, are two totally different things. It’s not like I feel like I am made of sugar (well not completely, anyways), but the idea of getting soaking wet isn’t appealing to me. Today was going to be different; it was time to try something new.

All the emotions I had built up inside needed to be released. And, what better way to do that, then run it off. I visualized the rain like a shower, it would be washing away the “dirt” that was lingering inside of me. With every step that I took, I felt lighter and more vibrant. It was so freeing to not care about getting wet, or my mascara running down my face. To not care about being drenched and cold, and to just enjoy this moment and take it all in.

At the end of it, I was absolutely soaked. My heart was racing, but I was energized. And, each moment of being able to take a deep breath of fresh rainy air was invigorating. The smell is indescribable. It was so beautiful.

Now, on a rainy day, instead of feeling gloomy and being cooped up inside, getting out for a run in the rain will be my new self-date!

Written by: Krystle Rhea; Just Breathe Mama

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