Simon and Garfunkel: The Victorious Gardener’s Guide to Stuffing

 In Go Go Green Thumbs

Written by: Sumati Shah


Scarborough Fair. That song was the ‘recipe’ I followed the first time I made my own stuffing.  This was pre-internet days, I’d looked at a couple of recipes and couldn’t decide, so I just went with it.

It worked out better than I’d have imagined: A lifelong love of gardening, and the stuffing was aces!

Years later, that song’s played in my head more times than I could count on a summer’s day while tending my garden.

Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme

Those four plants, each so very different from one another in every way, have always been among the first plants I’ve created space for in every place I’ve lived since that first time I cooked my own stuffing. Those plants gave me a baseline of sorts to judge needed changes to accommodate each new garden’s uniqueness.

Rule of Green Thumbs: Let your plants teach you to be a Victorious Gardener 

These herbs that I lovingly tend, and am tended to myself in the exchange; now  provide me with a growing number of herbs & spices , as well as expanding my (admittedly already large) tea selection.

I still have the old glass jars from my first Simon & Garfunkel stuffing,  my backyard is the ‘store’ for a very full 2 shelves in my kitchen, and I am the only supply chain. Victory is declared!


Go Go Green Thumbs!



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