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It all started with a request: show me a sign.

After reading the book The Magic, I was asked to choose a sign. It needed to be something to signify that the Universe was listening. Now, I know that “the Universe” talk can sound hokey to some, but for me, it’s my backbone. It’s the one thing that I truly trust and believe in.

And, it has proven to me time and time again that it is possible to attract things that you truly want.

Show me a sign! The sign could have been anything. Feathers, rainbows, owls, dimes, you name it. Mine ended up as a heart.

I didn’t purposely pick a heart, they just started showing up in the most random places and at any given time. But I have come to recognize that this was the sign telling me that I am on the right path. That all good things are coming, and my reminder that positive thinking and gratitude come from a place of love.

Each time a heart shows up, I smile inside. It makes me feel lighter, and I always whisper, “Thank you”.

Sometimes knowing exactly what you want can be a challenge because we are always second-guessing ourselves and questioning our desires. But I find the easiest way to make it clear is to write it down. Sit with a blank piece of lined paper, number it from one – 10, and on each line, begin with “Thank you for ___ (fill in your desire). Each time you finish a line, read it to yourself. Close your eyes and feel the gratitude for what it is your heart wants. At the end, I fold the paper up and stick it in a place where I will find it later – we all have the “do not forget” spot – and let it be.

Just having the thought process started is the beginning. The rest just takes care of itself. And you may notice you will start to become aware of the things you desire. For example, you might write “Thank you for the beautiful coffee date with my good friend”, and soon after you will notice someone carrying a coffee cup from your favourite place. Maybe you’ll be walking down the street and notice the smell of coffee, or see a magazine with a cup of coffee on the front. This is it, it’s working, and each time you’re aware and notice, feel the love for your friend, the visit, and the cup of coffee. It’s almost like magic. Before you know it you will be sitting in your favourite coffee shop, sipping a latte, and visiting with your best friend.

As time passes I will go back a read my list of 10 desires and see how it all unfolded. It’s truly amazing how many I end up crossing off the list. Sometimes though, my mind will change in the process, my desires change, and my list changes. But that’s just life and it’s completely fine!

The best ones are when I am having a not so good day. That’s when the hearts really show up – in my food, my coffee cup, dishwater, a rock on the ground, even a light cast on my wall. It’s truly incredible and it is real life Heart Magic!

Written by: Krystle Rhea; Just Breathe Mama

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