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Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching


So many shoulds, so little time. Is that your life too, sometimes?

We are so results-oriented in our Western societies that creating a certain outcome often seems to be the only true achievement, the only way to be successful.

There are so many shoulds in this world we live in: work shoulds, relationship shoulds, social engagement shoulds, family shoulds, improvement shoulds. And… we make life even harder by creating more shoulds for ourselves on top: self development shoulds, health shoulds, relaxation shoulds, happiness shoulds, entertainment shoulds…

We’re shoulding all over ourselves, and wondering why we have such a hard time “living a joyful life.” Isn’t that the goal? Shouldn’t we be 100% focused on that?

Well, it certainly could be!

Maybe this could be the solution: We could take time to become present with our heart’s desires to see what we really need in our life and then consciously do the same thing we do on social media… unfollow!

Unfollow the things that don’t make you feel joyful, and follow the things that do – the things that bring you happiness in being.


This week’s homework:

Which of your shoulds is ready to be unfollowed?



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