Shine On You Crazy Diamond

 In Circle the Child, Weekly Forum Discussion

Written by: Stephanie Orphanacos; Circle the Child


Remember when you were young? You shone like the sun.

Why was that?

It was all about integrity.

Not ‘integrity’ the way you normally think about it. Not about honesty or moral principles—it was about being your true self.  Being constant and consistent to your core.

Who knew how to be anything else?

Then you grew up. Doubts, the words of others and negative beliefs slowly snuck into your thoughts and corrupted your outlook, your confidence and your internal vision of self.

It’s time to change that. Time to move back into integrity—especially in this crazy time!

How much thought have you given to you, to your true self? It is time to re-connect!

What about your business? How are you managing your business in this unsettling environment? Have you been able to give your business your honest and undivided attention? Has anyone?!

Well, let’s go then!

Let’s make use of this time to find a quiet space and listen to what the universe has to offer us. Find your tree to sit under, or grab your meditation cushion and ground into the integrity of the planet, her constancy and consistency.  Find that place of confidence, where you are centred and solid.

Enjoy your journey and remember to drop some breadcrumbs so you can go back to that place of integrity. Don’t forget to bring back those things that are true about you.

Tell us of the gifts you’re bringing forward. It’s time to reveal your own true light!

In the words of Pink Floyd: Shine on you crazy diamond!



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