Shine! It’s time, time, time!

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I arrived in Los Angeles and immediately looked at what films were playing the next day. I had one day before heading to Santa Barbara and Camarillo for four weeks. I love film, and LA rocks with choices!

I wanted to see a true story about a woman who was a voice for the voiceless. I wanted to be immersed in the story of a fierce, bold, no apologies woman with a passion for something she believed in. The film, A Private War, the story of Marie Colvin, a war correspondent, was playing at The Landmark on Pico Boulevard. Marie spent her career uncovering the truth and telling personal stories of people in war. At the end of her life, Marie was reporting on the bombings in Syria and that showed that the bombings were on civilians and not terrorists. Approximately 28,000 civilians were trapped and killed. She was so determined to report the truth that she stayed and was killed in the bombing. I am grateful for her fierceness and for her demonstration of a life of purpose.

Now what does this have to do with the sign, shine?

I am not a Marie Colvin, a woman who is placing her life on the line in war torn countries. But, I do find that her fierceness helps me remember my own. It helps me remember to speak about trauma and loss and to support the voices of women. It helps me remember that I have a voice, I must speak for the voiceless, and I must stand up for what I believe in. No more secrets; no more holding back. It helps me remember that when I am afraid to speak up that there are things that are harder. All I have to do is my part. The sign, Shine, is telling me to speak up, to step into the light, and to be seen.

When this question was posted, I looked back at the photo from the day. Was there something else around the word shine?

First, I noticed the words Parking: 1st hour free; a bonus, a gift, an abundance, these free resources support my voice and help me shine.

Before I arrived in Los Angeles, I had been in Baltimore-Washington, DC area for three weeks. The thing that was really evident during my work trip was doors from past relationships were closing, situations where I wasn’t allowed, invited, or encouraged to shine. I was expected to be smaller and less than myself and at times, even to hide or be silent. And conversely, there were doors that were wide open and welcoming.

Wide open doors came as dinner parties, places to teach, rides from one location to another, free places to stay, women asking for writing support and receiving my experience, and then came affirmations of thanks and gratitude. Even things like a friend doing my laundry, folding it, and placing it on my bed, and strangers noticing that my suitcase was heavy and insisting on carrying it up a flight of stairs on the train.

Parking: 1st hour FREE = How can we help you? Do you have everything you need? Receive!

I also noticed the yellow arrow on another building that looked like it was pointing at the word Shine. An eager Universe was pointing with excitement. “Look here. Do you see it? It’s time to shine. We’ve got this!”

Shine, shine, shine. It’s time, time, time.

Written by: Andrea Hylen; Heal My Voice

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