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For 2019, I have set my intention to take the time for myself each day to make my soul happy. 

Filling myself up with love and appreciation is something that I truly need in order to keep me feeling happy and content. I will be working on making myself a priority each day, instead of just one day a week. Daily “Self Love Moments”, rather than “Self Love Sunday”.

One way that will keep me on track is to make sure as soon as I wake, I will set an intention for that day. “What is it today that I feel will be my Self Love Moment?” I then will make my mind up and chose something that I feel I need that day. 

It could be music, taking the time to listen to a few of my favourite songs. I always have a playlist on my phone of current songs that I have heard and fell in love with. It is easy to find time to do this. When I am driving the kids to school in the morning, I can put on my playlist in my truck. Or doing something that I am not particularly fond of, like folding laundry. I can play these songs, sing along and before I know it, I am finished. My mood is lifted and I feel happy.

Journalling is another one of my favourite things. I love sitting down to write out what I am grateful for, what makes me happy, what I want my day to look like. I always feel that by doing this my day goes smoothly and I feel happier.

Working something into my routine that I take the time to do ensures a self-love moment. For example, skincare? Every morning I wash my face and apply my favourite skincare line. This is quite simple but makes me feel so good. It is easy to do this every day because it’s something I incorporate already. Maybe I just take a little extra time and do a face mask. 

I usually seem to have a little free time in the afternoons before the kids come home from school. I can set an alarm on my phone that goes off every day and reminds me to take 10 minutes or even half an hour to do something that I enjoy. Most often, it could be to make a cup of tea and just chill on the couch. Clear my mind, and get ready for the marathon evenings that seem to hit at about 3:30. They usually entail hangry meltdowns, dinner rush and after-school sports. But that small window of relaxing gets my head into the zone. 

Whatever it is that I can find the time to do for me, I will make sure it happens. Or doing the things that make me feel the best.

I am keeping my 2019 intention alive by daily reminders. I think this is something I will carry through for years to come.

Written by: Krystle Rhea; Just Breathe Mama

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