Sane Secret

 In Personal Coaching, Weekly Forum Discussion

Written by: Sabine Roggermeier; Immersion Coaching

Going crazy is easy these days. I’m not necessarily talking clinically, but just about the overthinking and over-worrying leaving you all stressed out. Life is full of crazy things going on right now.

How do you move through those moments or days? My secret right now is a quote from Mother Theresa:

“Do small things with great love.”

Small things don’t overwhelm. They are simple enough to champion them. Small things allow for focus and concentration. They mark an area that is easy to stay on top of. Getting small things done creates motivation for moving to bigger things. Doing things with great love asks for being present with them and diving into them. Doing with love keeps the perspective right and great love doesn’t allow for hastiness or rushing through. Doing things lovingly takes the mind off anything and invites to enjoy the process of getting them done, even the simply, mundane or repetitive tasks. Doing in a loving way is spending time with the Divine.

Doing small things with great love empowers me by experiencing that while I cannot influence or control all things I can take care of some things and move forward from there. It leads the way from crazy to hope.

So what’s the secret that keeps you sane?



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